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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Track Flight Status and Airport Delays

With the advent of low-cost airlines such as AirAsia, RyanAir, Air Berlin, Jetstar, Tiger Airways – the way consumers use the internet to plan, search and book for these flights have increased tremendously. Similarly, the tools and information related to air travel increased complementing the demand.

One big scenario passengers dread is a delay in a flight. Or a flight been changed. Re-routed. Or simply cancelled. Yes the second most important advise is to buy travel insurance. And even yearly travel insurance cost around just 100 USD in most Asean countries.

While why not tap on our fingers and try to get the flight status of our designated flight from the comforts of the internet? My favourite site is – checking on flights is a breeze.

Check by flight number, by Airline, by destination – and surprisingly very fast output and results. Can’t imagine how the underlying system works. With hundreds of airlines databases, airport databases and almost instant updates on flight delays, estimation and even expected delays. They probably have a tie-in with the weatherman!

Checking the flight your family or friend is on is also a breeze. Plus detailed estimation of arrival time.
Track Flight Status, Airport Delays and other Flight and Airport Information.
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