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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cave Man's Diet

Prehistoric movies. Huge creatures. Sabre tooth tiger. Mammoth. Perhaps some dinosaurs. Huge moving creatures. Huge plants. Huge caves. The invention of fire. The invention of the wheel. The invention of the word clobbering. Savages discovering how to become human and in turn humanity.

That movie "10 000 BC" sort of sums up many of those concepts intelligently with a nice combination of adventure and a storyline. Or not? Well, we just have this caveman instinct to want to know what was it like 10000 BC. What was the world, the nature, the social network like in the caveman time. Living in caves literally - and more.
10000 BC IMDB info page :

Our ancestors were virtually cavemen.

Now put your thoughts to their daily diet. What could they be eating?

Crackers? Rice? Potatoes? French fries? Chow mein? Corn flakes? Croissant?

No. None of the above. Imagine there was not enough invention yet to even come up with "flour". Rice was like some weed or tall grass plant that the caveman overlooks while hunting and hiding. Potatoes were hidden well beneath their running man feet.

They ate meat. They hunt. They ate berries, some fruits. They forage. Examples that I can imagine: all sorts of animal meat - kangaroo, rabbit, possum, antelope, deer, slower moving creatures perhaps the cow, ducks, fish. Picking berries, bananas, whatever birds were eating at that time.

Was there any sign of carbohydrates? Yes, and very little. Bananas. Papayas. Pineapples. Yet none are refined carbohydrates. None are laden with sugar. (Yes who invented sugar?!) None are processed through to make them "white".

Caveman were strong. Hunters. Always on their feet. They could climb trees, caves, rocks. They could and should outrun several fast animals. And have strategies to hide or rest. They have to fend off tribes. Get more into their own tribe. Protect their tribe from creatures and insects. At night, they were alert.

There is no afternoon tea. No sugary pastries. It is all up and going. And they perhaps were like running or going about 1-2 marathons per day. Did they need to load on carbs? Did they need some so-called "fuel"? Not much.

The past 100 years or so, with the invention of many tools, machinery, and farming ideals, we now have corn flakes. Pastries, croissant, cupcakes. Rice flour noodles, flat noodles, yellow noodles. Crackers and potato crisps. The technological advancement in chemistry provided all sorts of additives  that will prolong the life of the products. Make them taste similar to "strawberry, banana, vanilla". Make them have the same colourful colours like pink, brown, cream, green. Green tea!

How do we solve it and go back to the Caveman's Diet which is so much healthier and the original diet of our ancestors?
Think of ways to gradually reduce those refined and processed food. Start to be conscious of labels. And now with super Google, take a few minutes to find out more backside story of the contents on various food products in the shelves, in the cans and displayed temptingly everywhere.

Discover what is BPA. What will hydrogenated oil do to your body? Where is that pink colour in my strawberry ice cream came from?

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