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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chef Jay Protein Bar and Cookies Diet

Just read an amazing story about a chef who transformed his life. I stumbled upon his product, Tri-O-Plex Protein Bar while browsing for some health products. It was simply delicious. And it adds on well to my new food system. Reducing carbohydrates while increasing protein.

About the chef: "After cooking for area Las Vegas hotels, I bought a little muffin shop and eventually started providing local health clubs with healthy style bakery goods. One item was a health bar made of oats, raisins and honey. Soon I started getting calls from people outside the Las Vegas area who wanted me to ship them my "delicious bars". Since then I have devoted my life to producing the best tasting, healthiest bars available. I still make them myself (with a lot of help from my team members) in the heart of Las Vegas, although I have since moved out of that muffin shop and into that dream kitchen and facility that I have always wanted. I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy making them."

Each bar is hefty: 118 grams! You can feel the weight of it when handling or picking it up. Which is good. This guy knows what people wants - a nice big bar that will be a respectable food supplement. Many protein bars or health bars I seen are light at 50 grams or up to a maximum of 90 grams.

The taste is awesome. The one I bought was Banana Walnut flavour.

“Since each product is produced in a relatively small batch, in comparison to larger companies who produce similar goods, Chef Jay’s Food Products are delivered with that just-baked taste,” said Chef Jay’s Food Products founder, Jay Littmann. “We pride ourselves on producing the best product available that delivers what our customers have come to expect – a snack that not only provides a good amount of protein but also tastes great.”

You may be amazed at just how good something that tastes so good can be for you, but his true story will inspire you. Jay Littmann became an addict when he was just twelve years old. Thrown out of his home when he was 17, he succumbed to a downward spiral. With stints on the street, in jail, and in rehab, he spent the next 12 years controlled by a bottle or pipe, developing a serious weight problem and diabetes. In How to Get From There to Here, Littmann details his life of drugs and crime and his turning point, his moment of clarity. He finally got clean for good when he was twenty-nine. Searching for financial independence, he purchased a muffin shop just off the Las Vegas Strip, a move that would dramatically change his life. When Littmann bluffed his way into a sale of his healthy oat bar to a nationally recognized chain, he had to fill the order for thousands by hand. Thus was born Chef Jay's Food Products, now an internationally recognized brand that sells millions of healthy products each year. Jay has been clean and sober for nearly two decades, is in the best shape of his life, and no longer suffers from diabetes. Scott is very pleased to share teh real life story of one of America's healthy lifestyle leading lights, Chef Jay Littmann. World renowned for his line of incredible healthy snacks and foods, now Chef Jay Littmann shares his real story in How to Get From There to Here. Chef Jay's memoir is more than just a story; it's a blueprint for how to succeed even when it seems the chips are stacked against you.

As Jay approached his 30th birthday he knew he needed help, and fast. After spending 14 nights in rehab (something he had done several times over preceding years) and a further few at a Salvation Army shelter, he moved to a halfway house. There he began thinking seriously about the future, his future. And he needed skills to accompany his natural, albeit wrongly utilized, industriousness.

After graduating magna cum laude from the Newbury College of Culinary Arts in Brookline, Massachusetts, Jay relocated from Mass to Las Vegas, worked as kitchen staff for two years and eventually opened a humble muffin shop.

Eventually one of his products, an oat bar - the forerunner to his now famous Tri-O-Plex bar - became a big seller and Jay's name and products were elevated into the consciousness of those wanting quality, advanced nutrition.
Chef Jay's TRI-O-PLEX DUO Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, 12-Count, 3.5-Ounce Whole Grain Protein BarChef Jays Tri-O-Plex Cookies, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, 12-Count Packages
He is now head of a thriving supplement and natural foods manufacturing plant, the poverty he experienced years' earlier nothing more than a relic of a misspent past.

But Jay wasn't completely in the clear yet. As chefs, even extremely rich ones, all want to do, Jay worked long hours and ate erratically - he'd consume very little all day and would often eat a massive meal at night followed by an equally prodigious desert. His weight ballooned out of control.

Peaking at 416 pounds in December of 2007, Jay's weight rivaled his bank account in terms of sheer size. With obesity related Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and an ulcer to contend with he decided to triumph on yet another front: he would undertake one of the most impressive transformations ever recorded. He succeeded.

Now a comparatively streamlined and muscular 225 pounds at 14 percent body fat, and having eliminated all of the medications he needed to survive clinical obesity, Chef Jay has a lot to smile about. The new Ferrari parked in the drive of his 6000 square foot dream home - the trappings of the kind of success oriented mindset necessary for such dramatic weight loss - might also have something to do with his newfound happiness.

So here is the Cookies and Protein Bar Diet:

Here is his book (from Amazon):
How To Get From There To Here: One Man’s Triumph Over Addictions, Obesity, and Being Down and Out
How to Get From There to Here: One Man's Triumph Over Addictions, Obesity, and Being Down-and-Out

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