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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Air Asia's Next Destination Guessing Contest 2011

Today while at the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal), and while having a meal, I saw a group of Air Asia trainees. They were wearing tidy regular clothes (jeans) and with an Air Asia tag. There was someone leading them entering the Food Garden, and was asking "what food do you recommend?"

Obviously they are from another country. They are trainees because all of the ladies wear make-up as would a cosmetic sales staff would, and there was only 1 guy there out of the group of about 20.

These trainees are in Malaysia for their Flight Attendant training and possibly their first time.

Where is Air Asia's next new exciting destination? This group of travelling trainees is the answer. Therefore the next question is where are they from? Where are they possibly from based on the limited clues and facts?

More clues: They have black Asian hair. They have pale skin comparable to Japanese, with thick black eye brows. No Japanese. The tell tale sign of Japanese is their idiosyncratic bowing - and "so desu ne" - you can gently hear from afar. They are not Thai. I would need to hear just 1 Thai word for a confirmation. Ka. But none was uttered.

They are taller than the average Asian women. But alas, this is a Flight Attendant training, so likely those who passed are the top of their peers, in terms of presentation, height and other essential factors.

China? Taiwanese? Singaporean? Indonesian? Balinese? NO no no. All no. And all are currently in Air Asia's team of crew. What do you think based on the limited information above?

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My personal take: Could be Mongolian. The only male in the group looks very tall, much like Mongolian. Bhutan. This is a long shot. But possible. And finally a bit further off, some Central Asian country such as Kyrgyzstan. Many years ago, I met someone from there, who really looked like Japanese but with taller features, and that distinctive firm yet pleasantly balanced eye-brow.

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