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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Air Asia Hot Spot Destinations and Destiny 2011

Air Asia flew over 100 million passengers late last year 2010, achieved several awards, expanded more routes, and increased its total fleet to over 100 Airbus jet planes.

Destiny or not, Air Asia started off as an impossible dream. Bought for 35 US cents from a failed airline initiative chaired by some dubious phantom Datuks that performed little and waiting for a government bailout - and transformed by Tony Fernandes to something big and red, throughout Asia.

That destiny of going through impossible hardship is evident more so today. To beat the US Financial Crisis and then more. So here is a short-list of turbulence that Air Asia must and will certainly overcome:
1. US Financial Crisis - since 2008 where demand was sluggish and Air Asia fought back with dozens of new routes, new planes, new low fares.
2. Double Christchurch Earthquake 2010 and 2011 - one of Air Asia's most touted and demanded new route being devastated by earthquake.
3. Miyagi Tsunami Earthquake 2011 - another prominent first route into Japan via Haneda Airport now in a turmoil as demand turns unpredictable due to concerns of health safety from nuclear fallout in Fukushima.
4. Iranian Political Turmoil 2011 - yet another route that Air Asia made last year to put a new foothold into the Middle East after the pullout from Abu Dhabi.
5. New Oil Escalation 2011 - fuel cost that breached $100 USD can either break or make - whether USD itself will be devalued or a stronger Asian currency to mitigate any further rises in the USD based oil prices.

These hot spots are indeed challenging. And here is a look at how Air Asia had jumped other hot spot hurdles before:
1. Bird Flu and SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Crisis
2. Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004
3. Volcano Eruptions in Indonesia
4. Bangkok Yellow and Red Shirt Protest, Airport Shutdown, and The Burning of Bangkok Episode 2010.

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