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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chef Jay Littman Humble Protein Bar Man Talks

Chef Jay brief interview here talks about how he started the business. In his kitchen making his own food. This is truly a down-to-Earth man, humble in his speech. Even when it newscaster showed his before (400 pounds photo) and after photo - he was thankful, never boastful or try to up-sell his products or himself.

Even talking about nutrition, he says it fairly, how he achieved his fat loss campaign - with exercise, and nice healthier diet.
We make our products in small batches.
Diet and exercise, but everybody eat sweet tasting products but to eat something a little healthier.
I created it; I used to make it in a kitchen at home until my wife got upset.
Lower in sugar. Lower in carbohydrates. A lot more protein.
We should eat a protein based lifestyle.
We are donating $15000 of these products to the Clark County School District - putting snack in every lunch for every kids that are 10 and under.
We like to support our firefighters.

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