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Monday, March 7, 2011

Losing 7kg of fat in 9 weeks effortlessly

Two weeks ago, I was away without my routine Body Pump exercise for 9 days. I did some cycling. And mainly had some reward in Mexican food. I like it. I know it's not that create after my research on the best nutritional intake - whereby lowering the intake of carbohydrates is key. But I guess it was my reward week. And I was away in a nice cosy place. And made a point to visit several Mexican restaurants.

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I thought I might have gained whatever I lost in those 9 days.

When I did a check after I was back, my weight was the same as when I left.

So I continued my usual routine. ( see my previous posts by Clicking the label "Losing Fat")

By a week plus, and total of 12 weeks - in between I had one 15 day "break" and another "9 day break" so the actual days I did my routine was 12 minus 3 weeks so more or less 9 weeks. It was effortless. Not so about hard work. Yes I did my gym routine which was a standard Body Pump class. It's a workout. Some days are with some walking, treadmill or bicycle.

The unbelievable part was changing my food intake. I made a conscious effort. But amazingly it was quite effortless once I had a routine made up and love it. Eggs - 2-3 for breakfast. I went to look for those free-range eggs Jumbo Sized (Size 0) with 70 grams of weight. Then the ginger fried chicken one large piece, eating it while on the way to the gym.

Evening mainly 3-6 strips of KFG (Kentucky Fried Gai) and Thai salad.

I did have Pepsi Max. The zero calorie Pepsi, which tastes much better than Coke Zero. Coke Zero gives a strange after-taste, and some times perhaps combined with the enzyme from the mouth, has some weird smell on the bottle. So I switched to Pepsi Max. When I feel hungry, or itching for some snacks, I get 1-2 eggs and put them in the microwave.

From the BMI calculations, ideally I should lose another 7 kg of fat. Which wasn't attainable before. But now looks much more promising.

1 comment:

  1. We often get caught with new products, new suggestions, news. And after years of media brainwash, we may be attuned to "cut fat from our diet". But is that the way? Was it effective? Finally I took a stand and did my own research. Nowadays the internet is truly at our fingertips. Google, Wikipedia, blogs, all are readily there for sharing and checking and cross checking research data.

    So essentially I formulated my own set of conditions and plans. Each person is unique so finally as what Bruce Lee might recommend in the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, "there is no styles, no karate, no aikido, no moves, or pattern" the final pattern is your own way of compiling them. There is no learning JKD techniques or steps. It's learning the philosophy of JKD, to master ourselves, and combine each different school, styles, technique, at the most appropriate time, and flowing like water to changes whenever adjustments needed to be made by our own realisation.


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