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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free 2 Weeks Homestay in Taiwan August 2011

Are you between 18 to 40? Love travelling? Love to experience some authentic lifestyle of the Taiwanese people in Taiwan? To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Taiwan, the Council of Cultural Affairs is giving the opportunity of a lifetime to 250 individuals from across 100 countries to stay and experience Taiwan for the span of 2 weeks this August 2011.

The event aims for the international guests to find out a lot more about Taiwan and its influence on the world and at the same time, to experience the good nature of the Taiwanese culture. This event encourages international guests to travel all around Taiwan, noting down their travel experiences and share them on social media (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) so people around the world can find out more about the culture and the friendliness of the Taiwanese people.

The international guests and the world will be able to witness Taiwan’s various achievements after 100 years of development, sharing the joy of the centennial founding of Taiwan. This will open the door for the rest of the world to have more interaction with the Taiwanese people.
The main goals in which the “Republic of China (Taiwan) International Youth week - Centennial Homestay” event is looking to achieve are illustrated below:

We hope to successfully create a cheerful atmosphere for the international guests and the world to share the joy of the centennial founding of Taiwan. More importantly, by having the international guests touring Taiwan and share their tour experiences, the world will be able to witness the strong attachment that the Taiwanese people have on this land. The citizens and the government will be working together to create a better future for Taiwan and thus, will benefit the future the whole world as well.

The international guests will be able to experience Taiwan’s various lifestyles and get a taste of the most valuable characteristic of the Taiwanese people- their human touch, which will leave the visitors great memories. This will be the best way for the world to find out more about Taiwan’s soft power; together with the synergy of the integrated marketing, the world will be able to gain more know ledges about Taiwan.

Lonely Planet Taiwan (Country Guide)  Lonely Planet Taiwan (Country Guide)  National Geographic Traveler: Taiwan 2nd Edition
The locations of the host families in this event are not only limited to one City, County or region, we are hoping that the international guests will be able to experience the real beauties of Taiwan, Through integrated internet community and effective media channel, the world will be able to witness the achievements, multi-cultural acceptance and diversity of Taiwan after 100 years of development - great for promoting for the Taiwanese tourism industry, cultural exchange and the sustainable development of other Taiwanese industries.

Participants and Eligibility:
Elite internationals aged between 18 and 40, male or female. Those who have experiences in international competitions, international events, have received awards, or have made special achievements in certain areas will have priority. Fluent in English/Chinese (either one).  Proficient in using blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

Rights and Obligations:
1) During the entire period of visiting Taiwan, the selected individuals must participate in the activities arranged by the organizer.
2) During the visit, the roundtrip economy class ticket for the international flight to and from the city of origin and Taiwan, host family accommodations in Taiwan, and transport for fixed itinerary, including local public transportation, will be subsidized by the organizer. Remaining costs for board and lodge, transportation and self-travel shall be subject to the individual. All other matters are subject to notice by the organizer.
3) During the stay in Taiwan, the participant must update the blog on the event website as well as their personal blogs, Facebook, and Twitter with text, pictures, video, photos, etc., regarding their experiences in Taiwan.
4) Within one month after returning home, at least one article must be published on the blog of the event website as well as their personal blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to share their experiences in Taiwan, or to share pictures or text regarding the Taiwanese culture, and to share their impression of Taiwan.
5) All participants must agree that all images, texts, and audio-visuals shared for this event by participants on their social media, can be utilized as promotional materials on the event website or as the event organizers seem fit. Participants must agree to not claim moral rights on the organizer or a third party who is authorized by the organizer.

Event period:
August 12, 2011 to August 25, 2011, Taiwan time (GMT + 8:00)
In case of arrangement difficulties due to international routes or force majeure, the selected participant may arrive in Taiwan before the arranged date specified by the organizer.

Closing date is 15th of April 2011.

Application Process:(NOTE: All content must be completed in English or Chinese)
 (1)Personal Information.
(2)Provide a description of your proposal on how to document and publish the exciting features of the events on your personal Blog, Facebook, or Twitter to share your impressions of Taiwan. For those who have experience in using blogs, Facebook, or Twitter, please submit the relevant URL of your personal web page, or social media used.
(3)Provide a 3-5 minutes self-introduction video. (optional)
(4)Provide a valid passport at least 6 months.
(5)A letter of recommendation and relevant documents that will contribute to the selection process (limit to 5 documents per application).
(6) Access the site ( to complete the application and upload the required documents or send the application via mail.

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  1. Hi, I can't find application from

  2. Once on the site, click on the main logo. My friend from Russia successfully made an application.

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