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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Living Without Money - The SunHitcher

Is it possible to live without money? Is it possible to travel without money? Is it possible to see the world without money?

This writer had been a on a world trip over 35000 km purely on hitchhiking. It's about letting destiny decide who comes your way, and seeing that there are no strangers; just friends who haven't met yet.

Seems like going back to basic to the prehistoric age. When men just wandered around the land. Hunting. Foraging. Being hunted. Maybe welcomed by a tribe. Maybe welcome then cooked by a tribe. Well in short, he just wanted to see the world and trying to do it the zero dollar way.

There could be tons of question? And apprehension. Such as - it's not true. Travelling still use up resources. The word money is just the word. A word to substitute resources. Yes perhaps no money spent by this author. But money was spent and resources used by those who helped him along the way. Those who sheltered him, gave him food, gave him a car ride (petrol!).

In the plus side, it is a very intrepid concept. Just go out and travel and hope to meet someone caring enough to lend a hand. A place to stay. A ride. Sharing. Maybe stuck at some unknown location. Meet kind people. See people at their genuine daily self. Experience being in a cold place with little food. Communicate with people that are unable to speak a common language. So back to basics and sign language, gestures, body language and facial expressions. The possibilities are endless.

Can we do it too?
Think about it - can you go out on a weekend without any cash, and hoping someone will help you pay for your bus fare and meals? Several times travelling, I have had strangers approaching me for "train fare" (Melbourne, Sydney!) We will feel strange. Sometimes we may ask who is this? Why is he doing this asking for a bus fare? Is this a trick? Yes there were cases of tricksters who will befriend you and one method is playing the poor puppy.

So if you could visualise that, likely you feel not safe to do so. Or might feel ashamed.

What was his goals of doing this travelling without money trip? Just some free rides? Free meals? Or to experience. Experience the world. And then? If you recalled Forest Gump was stuck with a "running bug" one crazy afternoon. And he started to literally run. He ran. Ran and ran. Felt like jogging. But he was running away. Running towards. Something. Somewhere. While he was running, he just did that. Focus on the running (away or towards - doesn't really matter - or perhaps he didn't think of it). So he ran and he ran. There were a bunch of other people intrigue by this running man. And wanted to follow him. And they did.

Some thought he has some apocalyptic awakening. Some thought he is some new age guru. Some thought he is running for some cancer foundation. Some simply thought it was a great exercise. Yes it was. Some thought of other things - but inspired their curiosity, and perhaps changed their lives too.

Then one day - Forest Gump just stopped running. So the moral of the story is if something was inspiring to you, make it your own - the reason, the goals, the outcome. Those who felt - what? Those who were shocked he stopped and went home, felt down, or puzzled. But those who ran, got something going, felt great. Great run. Great exercise. Great inspiration. Great experience.

Don't put too much emphasis on what what everyone else does. Follow your own path. It's what you offer others and the insight you bring to what you do that will make others eventually realise your value.

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