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Friday, October 1, 2010

Biosensors - what I wrote on 15 June 2009

Another of my picks and my article written in SingaporeStocks Forum.
Full article and discussion with other writers here:

Posted 15 June 2009 - 12:18 PM
To make things clearer, I've added the date of my posting on the title. So if you see some postings that are "old" better read fully to see if the target price has already reached previously. (Case in point was my CCT recommendation - see my other post on CCT - CapitaComm Trust)

Biosensors: Revenue up 87%. Gross Profit up 240% to 15.2m USD. China expansion on track. Bio medical industry moving silently but surely. Stent research has gone a major breakthrough - with major China/India population getting older, and obese, demand for their technology for healthcare is created by the virtue of better income (and unfortunately riskier personal health due to over consumption of fatty foods)

52 week high was 0.735. So the target of 0.77 factors in the minor discount of inflation - actually still very conservative estimates. Those higher risk players, could opt to push it to 0.80 for a good 25 cents or close to 40% gains.

Buy now, prices fluctuated last week now down to the lower level. So those technical analysis investors probably could put up a chart here if you wish. 
Posted 21 June 2009 - 12:37 PM
"A potential takeover target?"
The wording sounds negative. If instead "a valued acquisition objective".

If I am Biosensors, I should be utterly proud and happy. My performance - someone has taken note of it.

Whichever it is - normally during an acquisition, the price should rise since basically it means someone is interested in me and my performance. Thus others will take notice. My records are blemish free, profits up, so surely the future value opportunity is clearly there.

Case study: Yahoo was under Microsoft's acquisition bid last year 2008; its stock shot up over 20%.
Posted 27 June 2009 - 01:59 PM
Calvin Klein's famous brand name: Contradiction
Part of trading/investing/playing stocks is to realise that it's a contradiction.

Firstly: We view stocks or finance as mathematically inclined. Those dealing with figures, finite number, ordinal sums, averages, profit reports, Future Value calculations. Formulas. Concrete shareholder reports. Verified. Ratings. Fitch. S and P AAA+. PE Values. Very finite indeed.

Secondly: Feelings. It is also greed. I-Follow-You. Strong sentimental words like - bankruptcy, toxic waste, and to quote some of the viewers posts "plague, avoid, vested heavily, potential takeover". It's more or less in short like some love affair or love story. You hate this girl because she's so pretty. At the same time you really want to have her. It's maybe a pretty stock like SIA or Singtel. When it goes up, you swoon. Wishing you had bought her. When it goes down, you cry, you shout, you abuse it. You stop taking SIA flights. Very emotional indeed.

Conclusion: You can read signs from wordings, from love songs, you get your feelings enhanced. Alas, this thread and the lot of my analysis are titled under "Fundamental Analysis" - meaning the fundamentals of the stock. The Part 2 or the emotional part, each person, investor, seller and buyer, have to make their own decision pertaining to wooing a stock. Just like wooing a person. The fundamental part - be a nice person, punctual, buy flowers, do good, be humourous, polite, dedicated, funny, reliable, trust, nice to their friends = these are the fundamentals.

The rest: it's all up to you and your final decisions. 

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