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Friday, October 15, 2010

Low Cost Airline Jetstar in Australia

The low cost airline Jetstar has given Australian a fair choice for a good fare for years. Meanwhile, new comer Tiger Airways have a very bad reputation in Australia. The news and management news has always been good news for Tiger Airways and expansions in Australia to the media in Singapore. But here, I am taking Tiger Airways and the standards or lack off are appalling. Last year I took a flight from Sydney to Melbourne to connect to a midnight international flight by another operator. I booked a flight with a 6 hour lead time to the connecting flight. Normally, Australian airports have a shower room, using them is one way to feel fresh for a long haul journey.

Everyone was eagerly checked in and awaiting at the departure gate. Then came an announcement. The flight has been delayed 3 hours, because one of the flight attendant is reported to be sick. There is a minimum number of crew to be able to legally operate this aircraft. A replacement crew is on the way but have to wait for her connecting flight! Fine. Then we realise there are 2 other Tiger Airways flights to Melbourne leaving in the next 45 mins and another.

Perhaps it is not as simple as we could imagine, but common sense would have arrange a swap so that those on the first flight is given the go ahead with the crew from flight 2.

Another flight I did was Perth to Melbourne. The flight arrived 6am. It was terrible cold. The arrival hall was a gated cage outdoors! Yes, with the cold winds and rain. During that flight, I had to change seats willingly because the person behind me was too large, and was pushing my seat forward. He was complaining all the way.

Then when I tuned on the Australian TV, there was a news documentary featuring problem with budget airlines and in particular Tiger Airways Australia. Some of the complaints are not valid such as wanting to change flights at the last minute for the Promo Fare that are usually non-refundable. So I understand. But many times it was about other service issues.

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