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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Insurance system and gambling system similarities and winners

The magic is in creating more numbers. Here are a few examples how numbers or values are being created from a system.

The insurance system is largely based on pooling money or resources together so that if one person encounters a problem, the pooled resources is able to assist that troubled person. The creation of money is also based on this pooled-resources-model. Therefore a $1000 paid, has a pooled valued, of say $100 000 - which is what the sum assured or the sum the insurance agent keeps reminding you with gleaming eyes as if you will hit it as a "jackpot"!

When you deposit 100 dollars into the bank, the bank could take 100 dollars and loan it to someone else for a 10 dollar profit. Therefore "creating" money of 100 + 100 + 10 and maybe another 5 as interest to you. So the original 100 has created a value of 215. Impressive magic.

Gambling system is partly based on this too. You put a "wager" into the machine. And a jackpot is proclaimed to be won when the numbers or pooled amount between the 100 slot machines in the area hits the value between $100 to $500. Each dollar you "wager" moves the ticker. So finally after a few hours, a lucky winner grabs the pooled resources.

You "put" a wager on an outcome. And others put in as well. But the probability is favouring the casino. Example you bet on number 12 on the roulette table. One dollar. It will pay you $36 if you win. Oh great you won this round. And the bets placed by other punters are pooled and given to you. 

The conclusion of these similarities and winning situations - among all these systems - is having a fair game. Or perhaps unfair game. We too want an unfair advantage in real life. Therefore, as you can see, insurance companies make profit, insurance agents drive unneeded luxury cars, banks make huge profits, bankers get insane bonuses, and casinos and number-forecast agencies (4D, Toto, Scratch and Win) will always win.

So buy them. Own them. Own their stocks. Finish.

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