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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Genting Plantations double up in a year

There has been too much chatter regarding Genting Malaysia and Genting Singapore and everything related to casino and Integrated Resorts. For a change, let us still look at Genting but another sector that they excel in. Here's a chart of how Genting Plantations performed for the past 5 years.

Amazing or not, the stock price of Genting Plantations has doubled from a low of 3.00 RM to almost 8.00 RM in a year plus. The price did drop from the all time high of 9.00 RM to 3.00 RM. Percentage wise that is 66% down. Compared relatively to the current gains of 260%. 

And this not happened to Genting Plantations. Quite a number of stocks in Singapore and Malaysia that I am aware of and or investing in, had doubled up. The downturn caused those stocks to diminish to less than half their all time high, and that only lasted for a year or so. Then it gained back and went even higher. This peculiar behaviour is something to think about. In a positive way, that should be a clue as to when is the best time to re-invest. At the downturn. Which happens and lasts not too many months or years. And the gains are returned within a year or two.

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