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Friday, October 1, 2010

Oil price and Collapse the movie

Oil prices peaked at over $150 USD per barrel. Then it collapsed. But what is the significance of this short collapse today?

The movie Collapse is about how oil plays a major role in every aspect of the modern human being's life. We cannot get untangled. Its alas, all linked up. Michael Ruppert's investigation and in depth analysis goes a long way and drives in the irrepressible fact that this finite source of stored-energy will be depleted. The process of depleting it is continuously exponential, the various solutions prove to be futile, and the chase to "increase a nation's GDP" is not sustainable. Before the end of the line, chaos would have reigned and brought in Armageddon before the last 10 barrels of oil will be ever used.

The significance for us: Now USD is going on a steep downtrend. 20 years or so ago, 1 USD bought 2.70 ringgit (Malaysian Ringgit or MYR). It went to a high of 5.00 ringgit, and then fixed at 3.80 for a decade, and now retracing back to 3.00. Every item - inversely like Midas - is almost a by-product of oil and its derivatives. Connect these words and a factual financial sentence will form.

Food - pesticides - fertilizers - trucks - plastic containers - garbage bags.
Toys - plastic - trucks - driving to work - bags.
Car - interior - -plastic - oil - petrol - plastic casings.
Having a shower - soap, shampoo, mat, water knob.
Having a vacation.

That plastic chair you're seating. Oil. Petroleum base product.
That spoon you used for the creme brule. Fetch here by trucks - oil consumed.
Going to school. School bus. Tapes. Make-up. Clothing. Packaging.
Your house. Colourful paint for your home. Alarm system.

Therefore: this insatiable demand will rise exponentially again. 3 years - 5 years? 10 years. Think of oil companies and oil related. Such as Ezra, CNOOC, Petronas, China OilField, KS Energy.

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