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Sunday, October 10, 2010

IPO Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Berhad (MHB) M2U eShare

IPO Watch: Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Berhad (MHB) - closing on 14th October 2010. Recent IPO activity in Malaysia this year had created big buzz and over-subscription status. But many of the IPOs such as Maxis and CMMT (Capital Malls Malaysia Trust) have not been "performing" as what the sentiments wanted: go up. Maxis share price even went down after the listing date. CMMT has just started to pick-up speed. Investors and speculators that were hoping for 20% premium seems to have been caught off-guard and expectations have changed their mindset. Perhaps in a good way, this is a sign of maturity from the old savage method of Apply-List-Sell. Speculators now have to think twice less their cash horde will have to be locked into a stock for months or years. Investors meanwhile, should just focus on good strong fundamental picks. And apparently Marine and Heavy Engineering has that. 
Share Issue Number:501
Share Name:Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Holdings Berhad
Issuing House:MIH
Opening Date:6 October 2010
Opening Time:9.00am
Closing Date:14 October 2010
Closing Time:5.00pm
Unit Price:RM3.61
Minimum Unit:100
Only IPOs available for Internet subscription are listed in You may also apply for shares at Maybank ATMs or submit printed forms. 

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