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Sunday, April 17, 2011

BodyPump then BodyCombat effective exercise combo

BodyPump is a hybrid set of aerobic and weights exercises that works on all the major muscle groups, from the chest muscles, to the back muscles, to quadriceps, biceps and triceps. With a modest amount of weights incorporated for each exercise, the intensity is put on the muscles yet with a time span of 5-6 minutes which is like a good concentrated aerobic exercise.

During some of my sessions lately, I had some stiff muscles. Sore muscles. Doing some research on it recently, I find that the muscles are tightened or contracted right after these exercises.

Further reading on these Les Mills exercise routine, I found another type of group exercise - BodyCombat - which I had accidentally join when I had arrived at my gym earlier than the scheduled BodyPump class.

This is a mixed martial arts class with a very high aerobic outcome. Mixed martial arts (MMA) takes all discipline of martial arts and forms (such as karate, tai chi, judo, aikido, muay Thai) and puts them all together almost free flow. You'll be jumping, punching various ways and intensity. Crouching. Springing your feet and twisting your torso for maximum punch power. Muay Thai knee attacks. Forward kicks and side kicks.

Sort of the concept and philosophy that Bruce Lee had imagined and practise. Where no form is the form. Being fluid and able to accept all types of martial arts. In a general relativity sense, it makes sense! If you're a painter, then use all various colours. Not just red and orange. Use blue when needed. Use the background as white without colouring white. Mix Blue and Yellow to obtain green.

Double Pump featuring Shpresa - Total Body WorkoutThe Biggest Winner - How to Win by Losing: Cardio Kickbox (Aerobic Combo Workout, Nutrition)The U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Fitness and Nutrition
Mix fundamental analysis with technical analysis to get a balanced investment action.

So mixing those fitness into a nice stream to counter my sore muscles. I read that after an intense exercise on weights. one must relax or cool them down. Sort of jog down the tempo.

Therefore doing a BodyCombat class after BodyPump will relax the muscles. Loosen them up. Sweat out the build-up of toxin.

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