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Friday, December 17, 2010

Part 2 Losing 3kg of fat in 2 weeks

A few more thing to add to my previous article on losing 3kg of fat in 2 weeks.
1) I took Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with water about 3-5 times each day. Also at times with carrot juice. I bought this carrot juice called Harvey Fresh 100% Carrot Juice. 100% Australian Owned.
Well that's what stated in the box patriotic pride for the Aussies. It is very good and tasty. Taste is carrot-y. Compared to all sorts of juices out there, and brands AND content, you know many of those juice sellers are putting alot of extra sugar, glucose, orange juice, apple juice or from concentrate. So I really like this brand and the contents. No added stuff.

2) Everyday I made a glass of Tie Guan Yin chinese tea. I added water through the day. Sometimes I will fill it onto my water bottle (Oishi Genmai Green Tea bottle, I re-use the bottle) then bring it to the gym. At the gym I just mix more water. SO it is mild but have some properties of the chinese tea. Tie Guan Yin is supposed to great at absorbing or limiting the effects of fatty food. That's one reason it is always on the table in dim sum restaurants. Well normally dim sum places offers 3 types of chinese tea. This one is definitely the best in neutralising the effects of fatty food.

3) Every three days or so, I do an hour of Thai foot massage. This method of passive exercise and pseudo-acupuncture is therapeutic. If done right, the technique performed will help to stimulate the glands, internal organs, and vitals of our body that sometimes are "asleep". Depending on the person doing the massage for you, some will do very strong deep muscle long kneading. I like this best. And some will use alot of the wooden apparatus to trigger the massage points. The top of my ankles are pretty weak, I think. And in general, the area surrounding my ankles. So massaging there gives a nice feeling. I have flat feet that presumably have been affecting my health such as balance, abnormal balancing of body weight, fallen arches, and misalignment of some bones in the legs. Well that is a whole story altogether.

So that's the sum of all the routine I've been doing the past 2 weeks to do battle with fat invaders. They are not invaders now. They have been squatters! So now have to bulldoze, demolish, get them out. One by one.

If you haven't tried Body Pump, go for it once.

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