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Monday, January 3, 2011

Korea's success is having Han, and Han means unfinished business

Was watching this episode of HipKorea by Discovery and it was featuring RAIN.

One interview segment it talked about HAN. One would instantly associate it with Korean since Han Guo is Korea.

Here is what was discussed:
"The driving force that enables Korea to move forward with hope is Han."
"If I had to express it in English, Han would be 'unfinished business'.
Unfinished business - such as:
Because I was not well fed, I want my children to be well fed.
That's my Han.
Han embodies tears, laughter, agony, and also catharsis.

This is what Rain then says:
For me, my kind of Han is that I was not able to show enough love to my mother and to do enough for her as a loving son. I have the Han of being looked down upon by so many people, it made me even more determined to succeed.

Actually the moment the cameras start rolling, I could destroy something, or smash a house and then just say that it was part of the shoot. Sometimes I want to hit people I dislike, or to confess my love to someone I care about.

I could blame the world for doing this to me as an excuse to be destructive but I hold it all in. And when I am shooting, I let it all go.

RAIN let it all go in his first Hollywood movie, Speed Racer.

Well the point is that Korea is such a success story, we can learn many lessons from them. How they invest? They invest in patriotism, they invested in education, they invested in enabling the citizens with widespread affordable high-speed internet access. They invested in public transport. They invested in their top brands Samsung, LG. That were once upon a time, were such laggards or wannabes behind Japan's SONY or Panasonic. Such impressive determination by RAIN is there too in Samsung. Is it a coincidence? No! It's everywhere, every person, every street, every bulgogi bowl and kimchi cabbage.

From a destructed nation post war 1950s, an aid recipient, into an OECD Donor Country today! How is that even possible? Think about it. Read about it. Then learn from it. This success story is not written by a single statesman, or a handful of leaders. It is everybody doing it every possible way. That "unfinished business" mentally it very powerful indeed.

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