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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Julia Roberts cannot pronounce Wayan correctly in Eat Pray Love

The movie that would inspire (hopefully not) millions of single American to Bali is essentially just another feel-good-ahh-money-churning project. Yes there is benefits to the economies of Bali or even Italy or India from the tourists that are inspired by the movie. But hey, let's look at the point of wanting to escape and learn about ourselves and by travelling to somewhere far to learn about their culture too that could energise us.

And then you have this:

Julia Roberts cannot even pronounce correctly the Balinese person's name. Wayan.
She said "way" "en". As in Wayne. What ridiculous humiliation to a beautiful culture in a two-hour long parody on nonsensical "awakening of a First World country person".

American hegemony. (now I am writing in the style of  an opinionated American - offensive?)

This reminded me of a business trip to Minneapolis - St. Paul ten years ago. With my colleagues we were having a meeting discussion locations. I being Asian, thought that the place "San Juan" is pronounce that way - with a J sound. My senior colleague from the Netherlands was so adamant to correct me "NO NO. Incorrect. It is San Huan with a H sound." I begged for an apology, practised the correct way, and use it correctly ever since.

For 2 more years right until I quit the job, my colleagues still cannot pronounce Beijing (correct way is bei3 jing4 - 3rd and 4th tones), orang-utan (he said "o-rang-go-tan" as in past tense of 'ring' and colour 'tan'), karaoke (he said kerry-oak-key), and Koh Phangan (he said "co-pan-yen").

Wayan - what?
Peking - what?
Koh Phangan - what?
Three months in Bali and you were in the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel all the time lounging and having some potent mix of cocktail? Never set aside some meaningful research time about local languages and just merely reading some scripts? Expert memoriser of acting scripts?

Wayan is like the most common name in Bali. Just like the common name John. So if this basic cultural exchange cannot even take place, then I suppose my strong-opinionated writings are justifiable.

Seriously thinking of my Balinese friend Made! (he is not made, he is not maid, he is Made!)

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