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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bursa Component Stocks Ready to Soar in 2011

My last writing was a preview and insight into the component stocks of the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Composite Index. A de facto benchmark of the country's performance, looking inside the ingredients is essential in powering your stock portfolio into winning gems and supernormal profits.

All the banks in the list, is out of the selection - mainly because of cost and also they have generally surged to high levels by now. The goal is to look for the final gems that can outperform for 2011. Forget 2009 and 2010 where many stocks have gained 50%. So here's my focus for this write up.

Now 22 left. MAS is out, since if one were to go into this sector (airline/travel), then go for AirAsia.

Heavily priced heavyweights such as BAT (over 40 RM), Digi and KLK(over 20 RM) I will leave out as well. So is SIME with a messy politico game. Plus it is expensive. Petronas Dagangan and Petronas Gas too both over 10 RM. So those too are cut away from my radar of stocks that are ready to soar in 2011.

Which currently leaves the remaining 10:

Axiata Group Bhd

1 Week 3.4% 13 Weeks 3.6%  
4 Weeks 7.4% 52 Weeks 55.4%

Maxis Bhd
1% since listing 2010

PETRONAS Chemicals Group Bhd

10% since listing 2010


1 Week 11.5% 13 Weeks 11.9%  
4 Weeks 0.3% 52 Weeks 26.5%

Genting Malaysia BHD
1 Week 4.4% 13 Weeks 8.3%  
4 Weeks -0.3% 52 Weeks 22.9%  

Telekom Malaysia
1 Week 6.3% 13 Weeks 10.4%  
4 Weeks 6.9% 52 Weeks 19.9%  

Tenaga Nasional

1 Week -2.3% 13 Weeks -4.9%  
4 Weeks -7.7% 52 Weeks -0.3%  

YTL Power International

1 Week -0.8% 13 Weeks 1.3%  
4 Weeks 4.8% 52 Weeks 10.0%  

1 Week 11.5% 13 Weeks 13.0%  
4 Weeks 11.3% 52 Weeks 49.6%

Plus Expressways

1 Week 2.0% 13 Weeks 5.3%  
4 Weeks 10.8% 52 Weeks 41.0%

The recent stock performance can give some indication where most stocks have rised 40-50% from a year ago. Gamuda up 50%. Plus 40%. Axiata 55%.

Tenaga has been trickily at a precarious position - not up nor down too much the past year. And now facing some issues with coal supply. It is perhaps still a good buy seeing it is still the utility company to go to in Malaysia.

Therefore, my selections would zoom down to MMC, YTL Power, Genting Malaysia.  

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