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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Forget babi guling go for Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Agung

Perhaps the most over-rated food stall in Ubud, Bali is babi guling Ibu Oka right where the tourist buses stops. Throngs of tourists from Taiwan, Japan, anywhere just goes right into this place - simply because they read about it and they cannot have the chance nor time to venture into other more real authentic babi guling stalls scattered around Bali. And alas, over-priced at 30,000 Rupiah. Most other places still go for just 15,000 a plate.

In the basic sense of foodology, the Balinese could rank babi guling as their favourite meal time food. So I was looking for - what are numbers 2 and 3?

One of them is ayam betutu.

Here is a link to a very good blog with many reviews of small little warungs all over Bali. It showcase the popular nasi ayam Kedewatan here.

But hang on!!! Do not go to Ibu Mangku's. Why?
After being propelled to super-popularity status, this place has increased the price (15,000 Rupiah yes still lower than Ibu Oka Babi Guling) but the menu smells a tinge of trickery. There is no price listed. Just listing of the food and drinks. This kind of "disturbing behaviour" sends warning signs all across my adrenal glands and my panic button. The place looks so touristy now. And wait - here's the worst news. Once you park your bike/scooter outside, a nice young boy will come and say yes it is fine to park here. After you've done your meal - he will be waiting outside with a ticket. There are tons of tourist bikes who park there and this "tourist tax" is another undesirable element of a true Balinese experience.

So instead, at the opposite side of the street, towards the left there is this distinctively smaller place. Even the sign board is worn-down from the hot sun. You won't see it clearly. It says "Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Agung" - light pale font left.

If you're coming from the junction off Campuhan, and making your right turn to North, it is just on your left hand side like 10-20 metres from the junction. Go here. Spend here. This is the true local place.

Extra note: Here is another food summary with photos and prices written by a Japanese in Bali.
Bali Beach Hirochan.

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